The first and most obvious change in the demographic constitution of America is in the age profile. The baby boomers are fast approaching retirement age. As this generation leaves employment, we will have a fitter and more active group of seniors. This is going to have a profound effect on our culture. With all the major bills paid off, those who have retirement funds in good shape will increase their discretionary spending on leisure activities. In turn, this will mean our towns and cities will change to accommodate their need for affordable pastimes. Those who are less well-prepared will also need ways in which to fight off the boredom. Daytime television will have to accommodate programs to match their interests. For everyone, one obvious possibility is active socializing. With women living longer than men, this leaves the surviving men in demand as partners. Those who stay in shape and sexually active can have a good time. Except, of course, there's a problem for older men. Erectile dysfunction is more common among the over 65s. This is going to fuel the market for the drugs to treat the problem. In fact, we're already seeing evidence of rising sexual activity given the increase in sexually transmitted diseases in the aging population. The baby boomers never really got the habit of using condoms.

The second change is in the racial profile of the nation. At present, America has a fertility rate of just over 2. This is just short of the number required to have a self-sustaining population. In countries like Japan, there is little or no immigration and so their population is set to fall. Because of the steady rate of people wishing to enter America, the population is actually projected to grow up to 2050. The effect of this will be to change the racial profile quite dramatically. At present, the white population is in a slight majority. Of the next forty years, the white population will become the minority. This trend will accelerate because the baby boomers have never been interested in producing large numbers of children. Whereas newer generations of immigrant families are highly fertile and produce large family units. In part, this explains the political tension over immigration, particularly involving the undocumented. The shift in languages and cultures also affects the pharmaceutical industry. Many countries avoid the use of pills, preferring powders or drugs that are soluble in water. This is forcing US manufacturers to develop different versions of their standard drugs that allow people to absorb the active chemicals in drinks, as gum or through their skin.

With the growing market among aging men for erectile dysfunction drugs like Cialis, the manufacturers are rapidly introducing tablets that dissolve on the tongue, gels, and patches to supply to all the different cultural groups. The only constant in this is the high retail price maintained because the patent law keeps the cheap generics out. This means you should look to buy your Cialis online.


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Why Cialis is so popular?

The answer lies in the nickname it quickly acquired. It's called the weekend pill because the effect lasts for up to thirty-six hours. Or Cialis turns back the clock, allowing the body to return to a more youthful level of performance. Just as teens can manage multiple orgasms, so a man using this pill can find himself having a good time all over again. Indeed, to prove the point, the manufacturers have also released a once-daily version. This is aimed at the man in a steady relationship where there's the chance of sexual activity before and after work. Taking one tablet a day gives a man sexual responsiveness 24/7. This is the ultimate support when a man really wants to prove his love.

To give everyone the chance for the best results, there are also different formats of the drugs. Some find it difficult to swallow pills. The manufacturer has therefore been working to find other ways of delivering the same effect with pills that dissolve on the tongue or in water. The aim is to make it easy for men to maintain performance and their privacy. It's careful and consistent research and development that has brought Cialis to an increasingly dominant position in the market. The little blue pills may have been the first on the scene, but Cialis has proved the better treatment.

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